Car Wash May 9, 2009

June 2nd, 2009

Car Wash May 9, 2009

On May 9, 2009 Our youth had a car wash to help raise funds for this years mission trip to Karelia.  We found a great place to do the car wash right in the middle of the Volusia Mall parking lot.  Thanks to the friendly management of the Sear Auto Service Center, (where the car wash took place), we were now able to have this terrific location and also have a successful car wash.

Here are some photos of us washing cars, talking to customers, and
having a good time.


Choir visits Beulah Baptist Church in Cresent City, FL

Happy Mothers’ Day!  those were the words that started this wonderful
service!  As we visited the  Beulah Baptist Church in Cresent city, FL
- Singing, Celebrating and sharing fellowship with the local church
members were just few of the things that we all mutually enjoyed that

Dear  Beulah Church members: Please know that your church has
welcomed us with Utter most love and hospitality, and we are very
pleased and grateful to the Lord to have you as one of our Mission
supporters, Both financially and Spiritually.  May our Lord and savior
personally bless each and everyone of you accordingly!

Below are some pictures we managed to gather of this event.