What Can I Do To Help?

Simple! Hey, we all understand that not everyone is born a public speaker, a pastor, a preacher or even a missionary, but Jesus said “Go and preach the Gospel to all creations”, therefore we are obligated as Christians to fulfill our life mission, but we also understand that not everyone can go overseas due to obligations of work, family, church, or other exigent circumstances.  However, this does not make you any less important to our mission.  We cannot stress it enough, WE NEED YOUR HELP. 

 One of the ways you can help and take great part in this mission is financial support!  Granted this is a topic is tired and talked about often especially in this day and age, but finances are always an issue when time comes to beat a nail on the head.  The Lord always helps us in this issue in miraculous ways that we can’t even begin to describe, but HE ALWAYS works through his people, and he does it through people like you! Your donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated and rewarded if not here on earth then in Heaven by our Heavenly Father.