Who are we?

We are a continuously growing Team of young devoted Christians, who moved to the United States from the former USSR. Our team consists of approximately 15-20 young Men and women from all over the United States. Each and every one of our participants are members of local congregations and are united by deep, sincere love for Jesus Christ and strong missionary goals. The team members possess extensive experience working with children of various ages and ethnic backgrounds. Throughout the year every member of the group is highly involved in their church’s life and its activities Such as Sunday school, Bible studies , worship groups, Prayer meetings, Etc. passing on to our children vital bible virtues and surrounding them with a healthy and loving Christian atmosphere to not only encourage but also support their individual spiritual growth.



Members of the 2009 Missionary team



Zhanna Ogor. I am going to the mission trip because all my life I have lived only for myself. I have been stubborn and did not do what our Savior commanded us to do. I want to go and tell people about Jesus because he changed my life inside and out. I’m hoping that God can change someone through me and that people can see the love of our Jesus. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. My hobbies include singing, cooking, and playing volleyball. I will be attending Concorde to be a dental assistant. At church I gather songs for our youth to sing, and I teach in Sunday school, I am 18 years old.


Daniel Remigaylo. I am fortunate to know the Russian language and want to serve God and let Him use me for His glory around the Russian speaking people that have never heard the word of God. If at least one person finds out how great Gods love is and will get to know Jesus and will be saved, it will be worth going. I was born in Kirovograd, Ukraine and presently live in Jacksonville, FL. My hobbies include but are not limited to volleyball, fishing, motorcycles, and cars. I also love hanging out with my friends from church. I have just finished college with a construction management degree, but thinking to go back to school for a medical degree. At church I help out with whatever organization that needs to be done, sing in choir and occasionally preach. I am 23 years young.


Eugene Sapunkov. I’m going to the missions trip this year to show the kids the Love and Comfort that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shows us and to find myself and my talents that God has given me. I was born in Russia. I live in Palm Coast, FL. This is my first time going. My hobbies include soccer carving and putting together models. I am currently enrolled at Stratford Institute and I’m studying computer programming. I am 17.


Ben Retinskiy. My Lord and God Jesus Christ gave me everything to live a wonderful happy life and He died for my sins. It would be very disrespectful if I do nothing in return. I love talking about God to others and I love showing them the new life God gave me. It is my job and duty to witness to others and I want to do it so well, that God can freely smile down upon me from heaven and use my life to Glorify Him and only Him. I was born in Bryansk, Russia and moved to America were I currently live in Palm Coast Florida. The project of 2009 will be my second time on a missionary trip. Some of my hobbies include soccer, choir, and a little bit of public speaking. I am currently enrolled at Daytona State College and I am trying to receive my AA degree. I preach at church and youth meetings and sing in a formal and men’s choir. I am 17 years old.


Marvin Kravets. I am going to this missions trip to make a difference in these kids lives so they can become saved and live a full life and so they can tell other people about Jesus and what he did for us. I hope to accomplish victory, I know that the mission field is not all fun and games, it is truly a battle for God and for souls, let his name be praised in everything that we do. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida. I live in Jacksonville, Florida. This is my second time on mission trip. My hobbies include playing soccer, cooking, and socializing with our church youth. I am currently enrolled at Florida State College at Jacksonville, and studying aviation. At church I help work with the electronics and do anything that I am asked to do. I am 18 years old.


Luda Melnik. I am going on a missionary trip so I can be an instrument in God’s hands. So He can use me in any way possible to glorify His name. I am going on this trip to also share Jesus with everyone I meet as well as learn more and more valuable lessons that God is willing to teach me. I am not doing anything extraordinary- I am just doing what a Christian is supposed to do. Can’t wait to experience what God has in plans for this summer!!! I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. I live in Port Charlotte, FL. This is the 6th time I go on a mission trip. My hobbies include swimming and volleyball, drawing, as well as socializing with friends. I graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University and I am a Registered Nurse. I am 25 years old.


Michael Marchenko. My goal for the mission trip is to be used by God and plant seeds of eternal life. I was born in Bryansk, Russia. Currently I live in Palm Coast, FL. Recently I graduated from high school and might go to college this fall. In church I listen very intensely to all of the sermons. I also sing in choir and sometimes play musical instruments, as needed. This will be my first time going on a mission trip to Russia and I am very excited to go. I am 19 years old.


Alesya Karelson. I am going on this mission trip because God has called me forward to do His work. He has opened up my eyes and showed me that there is something better in life, and that is the joy I receive when I work with kids, teens, and young adults and inform them about what God has done for us and that there is someone who loves us and who is ready to be there to help us through everything we’re going through. I was born in Sacromento, CA. I live in Orange Park, FL. My hobbies are playing guitar, playing volleyball, and spending quality time with my close friends. I am currently attending Orange Park High School, and I’m in the Academy of Health Science. At church I sing in youth choir, work with kids’ choir, play guitar for our youth groups, and also sing. I am 17 years old.


Severin Glushchak. I’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip, but never had the opportunity or the will power. The main reason for me going to Karelia this year is to proclaim the word of God to all the lost souls that never heard the good news about our Savior Jesus Christ. I will also be challenging myself to be an example for the people which will be surrounding me at all times. What I hope to accomplish through all of this is to work towards helping establish a God fearing church in Karelia. I was born in Ukraine. Now I live in Atlanta, GA. My hobby’s: work on cars, play sports, and read. I am a student at Georgia Perimeter College. I sing in the choir, sometimes substitute for the guys at the computer, and develop CDs for church. I am 21 years old at the moment.


Vitaliy Zubkov. I believe the Holy Spirit has lit a light in my heart to go and share the Good News with the young children back in Russia. I pray that I would show these people Christ, through my actions and words, and may His name be praised in everything I do. I was born in the Soviet Union. Now I am 21 years of age and currently studying for my commercial pilot license at Phoenix East Aviation in Daytona Beach, FL. I enjoy outdoor activities, play volleyball and soccer, and spend most of my free time with the youth from my church.


Juliya Sapunkov. I hope that God can use me to do His work and those children can know about God. I was born in Russia, and now live in Palm Coast, FL. Hobbies: reading, rollerblading, and I like hanging out with friends. I am a student at Stratford Career Institute, studying culinary. In church I sing in the choir and help out in Sunday school. I am 18 years old.


Paul Marchenko. For me it is a great privilege to be able to go to this trip and be part of the great and wonderful works of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope to be an instrument in God’s hands so that whoever believes in Him should not parish but have everlasting life. I was born in Bryansk, Russia and now live in Palm Coast, FL. I enjoy music, sports, technology, art and socializing with my friends. I am a student at Daytona State College pursuing a career in the medical field. In church I help organize various youth activities, sing in choir and preach. I am 20 years old and I serve a wonderful God.


Andrey Kravchuk. The light that Jesus brings is a guiding light. People who don’t know this light are lost in the darkness and don’t know where they are going. I want to tell people about Jesus and that real life is only in Him. I want the Russian people to know Christ and live in the light of our Lord. I was born in Russia and now live in Palm Coast, FL. I have a wife and two daughters. In church I work with the youth and missionary work. In my free time I like to play soccer, tennis and other sports. I am 31 years old.


Liya Kravchuk. I am going to Karelia so I can tell others about Jesus and the wonderful life that He gives. My wish is to worship God for everything He has done. I live in Palm Coast, FL. I am 32. In Church my ministry is to teach Sunday school. I also sing in choir. I have two kids and I tell them about God. There are some kids that don’t even know a little about God and they never heard about Jesus Christ, our savior. Some of them have no parents. I want to help them meet God and know Jesus.